EPA Site Suitability Assessments

We are Approved Competent Assessors for On-Site Treatment Systems hold the FETAC /EPA certification in site suitability assessments for on-site waste water treatment systems and carry out assessments in Galway, Sligo, Mayo, Roscommon & West Meath.
Where a planning application involves a proposal to use a septic tank or other on-site treatment system, a site assessment is required. This is to ensure if a system is to be placed on the site it will not cause harm to the environment, such as ponding of effluent on site or pollution of water schemes, rivers, etc.

Description of Site Works involved in the EPA test

We will need to supervise the excavation of the trial holes. An excavator (minimum reach 2.3m below ground level) will need to be arranged at your own cost, the water needed for the percolation test will be required to be left beside test area. In the event that it becomes apparent that the site is not suitable, you will be notified immediately and the site assessment abandoned, a reduced fee will be applied.
Once the site test has been completed and has been deemed suitable for an on-site wastewater treatment system we will return a completed and signed report which will include a recommendation of a suitable treatment system and a suitable method of effluent percolation. Included in our report will be a manufactures brochure and Irish Agrement Cert (IAB) of a treatment system proposed, a manufactures site specific report and details of commissioning as required under current planning guidelines.

The system of site assessment required under the EPA document involves several elements:

A desk study which looks at available documented information on a site. This includes information on the soils, geology, location of wells and streams etc. 
-A visual assessment which involves looking at the site and its surroundings to gain an indication of how well or poorly drained the site is likely to be and what targets are likely to be at risk in the area (e.g. Rivers and streams bounding a site, public or private wells in close proximity to the site). 
-On-site investigations including an assessment of the soil profile up to a depth of 2m, or greater in some cases, and percolation tests to confirm the drainage conditions. 
-Recommendations as to the form of wastewater treatment, if any, are best suited to the site conditions.

Statement of liability

Please note that you, as the client are fully responsibility for the safety of the site, before during and after the site visit. Trial holes are dangerous and all safety measures should be taken into account to prevent any people or animals entering the site. By permitting this site assessment, it is deemed that you the client have full authority from the landowner(s) for the site test to take place. The client shall be responsible for the safe andtimely closure of test holes and making good of site. We or our agents shall not be held liable for any incidents or accidents that may occur at the site location.

Most counties including Galway, Sligo, Mayo,Roscommon,Clare and west meath now require an epa test to be carried out by qualified epa site assessor.