Land Surveyors

We are a firm of Chartered Land Surveyors operating from offices in Co.Mayo . We service the Connacht area and the island of Ireland.
Our mission is to work with clients to provide optimal solutions to meet their Land surveying needs. Our strength is our team of qualified, experienced and enthusiastic staff who understand client requirements and can advise on and deliver the data needed for successful project planning and completion.
Our commitment to delivering a quality product is supported by 12 years of experience, a strong involvement with the professional bodies and a program of continual investment in the latest technology.

Land Surveys

We undertake Land surveys for construction and development works throughout Ireland. All our survey crews are equipped with a Total Station and/or GPS. Data is logged, using full feature coding, either internally to PCMCIA cards or externally to data recorders. Data processing and contour generation are carried out using mapping software with final editing in AutoCAD. Surveys are delivered as digital files and/or hardcopy plots. A wide variety of output formats can be generated to suit client requirements.

GPS Surveys

The majority of surveys undertaken by Maloney group are a combination of traditional and GPS Surveying techniques. Generally, a control network is established using GPS. Next any detail that can be surveyed by using GPS is collected and the balance that cannot be surveyed is recorded using Survey Total Stations. GPS has made projects more cost efficient to clients with large areas of land now being surveyed at a fraction of the time that it would have taken using traditional methods. GPS is invaluable for setting up a control network for a project and extending control networks already in existence. GPS is also used for connection to the National Mapping framework be it Irish National Grid(ING) or Irish Transverse Mercator (ITM). Maloney group have the GPS equipment and technical knowledge to incorporated any control system as required.

Control Surveys

Maloney Group provides control surveys for major infrastructural projects including highway, railway and bus corridor construction. We also provide control surveys for building construction, aerial mapping. This work is generally carried out using GPS methods and we have invested heavily in this technology. Because our staff are experienced and professionally-qualified surveyors we can resolve the many issues that arise when dealing with survey control and, hence, produce reliable results supported with comprehensive reporting.

As-Built Surveys

As built surveys are undertaken to establish the position of features on the ground and utilities under the ground in comparison to design location. Maloney Group have completed a number of as-built surveys for various clients from building contractors.
Building contractors as required by law submit as-built surveys to Local Authorities for “taking in charge”. Pharmaceutical companies need to document underground and overground utility records for fire certification and emergency planning.

Engineering Surveys

Since it’s inception, we have worked closely with civil engineering contractors providing engineering services and/or personnel to work with the contractor. We understand the requirements of the civil engineering industry and can advise on, and undertake, all aspects of surveying/setting-out from preliminary establishment/checking of control, determination/checking of ground levels and setting-out for bulk earthworks to fixing of final pavement levels. Below are some of the Engineering Services provided by Maloney Group.
Protected Structure

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