structural survey is an investigation or inspection of the construction and services of a property in sufficient detail to enable the Building Surveyor to advise what impact its condition will have upon the client. A structural survey is usually commissioned prior to the purchase of a dwelling.

We have undertaken surveys of an extensive range of house types, both old and new. We carry out a thorough inspection of the building, give a comprehensive report on its condition warning the client of any future expenses that may be incurred with the building and advise on purchasing. The final Report follows a detailed examination of the fabric of the building by an experienced and professionally qualified surveyor who knows what to look for and where to look. A standard survey comprises of the following:
Protected Structure

Preliminary Survey Report

Frequently we get enquiries from clients who do not want a detailed report, eg. auction situation or a 2/3 year old house, and simply want us to walk through the house and give a first impression. We do not promote this type of survey but in an attempt to meet demand, will do it on the basis that the client indemnifies us against any claims. Obviously the fee is considerably reduced also.

Snag List

A Snag List is the inspection and investigation of the construction and services of a newly built property in sufficient detail to allow the building surveyor to compile a list of shortcomings, defects and irregularities with the built property. This gives the client an opportunity to furnish the developer with a detailed list of snagging items, which should be attended to before the finalisation of Contracts.
The purpose of a Snag List is to ensure that the newly built property is in compliance with all current Building Regulations and Codes of Practice and meets all Health & Safety issues. It provides the client with peace of mind in the knowledge that their new home has been finished to the highest possible standards.

Mortgage Valuation

A valuation survey is intended only for the lending institution to ensure that the property is adequate security for the loan. Mortgage valuations should not be confused with full building or structural surveys. The Report will highlight apparent fundamental defects that affect valuation but does not give detailed information on the condition of the property and should not be relied upon by the purchasers.
The building surveyor will work out the cost of reinstatement in accordance with the current Society of Chartered Surveyor guidelines. We have acted for many house purchasers and homeowners who have decided to remortgage.

Defects Analysis

This process involves the investigation of facts, possibly in conjunction with some exploratory work, to identify the cause of any building defect. The wide range of materials used in the construction of buildings and their varying life spans can lead to the development of defects. This service will result in identification of the cause of a defect and recommendations for remedial work.
Chartered Building Surveyors are specifically trained in principles and processes of construction and in the capabilities and compatibility of materials. Following the initial analysis, costing advice can be given and arrangements made for works to be undertaken. We have been retained on a number of occasions to assist building owners in the diagnosis of defects. We can also act as an expert witness for the Courts should the need arise.

Boundary Disputes

There are an increasing number of property owners who experience some form of boundary related problem with their neighbours that may include any of the following:
We have been retained on a number of occasions to assist building owners in the identification of boundary lines and can offer considered and practical advice on how best to proceed. We can also act as an expert witness should the need arise.


Maps can be prepared for all aspects of Property transfer including maps suitable for Land Registry purposes, Declarations of Identity and multi storey scheme maps.

We also provide for the marking out of boundaries on the ground via the latest GPS or total station equipment.

Supervision of Building Works

Partial Service:

Very often a client who has received Planning Permission and appointed a contractor requires the works to be inspected for the Bank/Building Society and with a view to issuing a Certificate of Compliance on completion. We can:

Full Service:

Refurbishment and building works can be managed from inception to completion. From taking and developing a client’s brief, drawings and specifications are prepared and appropriate consents obtained. Tender and contract advise is given and the appropriate procurement route agreed on. Upon receipt of tender, these are analysed and the contract let out to the most suitable contractor.

Measured Surveys

Accurate measurement surveys of land and buildings can be carried out; drawings can be prepared on AutoCAD. These can be done for a number of purposes including setting out, record purposes and planning applications.

Certificate of Compliance

The Certificate is presented in the format recommended by the Society of Chartered Surveyors. We offer a full range of conveyancing Certificates from Certificates of Compliance with Planning Regulations, Building Regulations, Fire Safety Certification and for Certificate of Exemption from Planning.

Planning Search

Prior to the purchase of a second hand property we offer a service whereby we carryout a detailed inspection in the relevant planning authority to determine the full planning history of the property in question. This involves:
Our Planning and Design service relieves our clients of the burdens of dealing with the planning procedures and ensures the finished product meets their precise requirements and is fully compliant with Planning Acts and Building Regulations.

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